Quotes of the Week Header

Beyond pleased with the mentoring I received. The experience helped me to reach my goals and fulfilled my expectations. My supervisor took the time to teach me and I gained valuable experience from this internship.

 - Erika Cloud, SLP student, West Chester University
Internship Location: Kindred Transitional Care and Rehab–Wyomissing, Reading, PA

My goals and expectations were FAR exceeded! I learned so much from everyone including case management, OT, SLP, RT, telemetry and wound care.

- Julie Crenshaw, PT student, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Internship Location: Kindred Hospital-Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN

My Clinical Instructor was very well educated and had a passion for teaching others. She provided just the right amount of support, while also allowing me to be independent and develop my own style.

- Emily Milliner, SLP student, Loma Linda University
Internship Location: Kindred Hospital-Bay Area St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, FL

I learned so much and feel confident in my abilities now!

- Catherine Clayton, PTA student, Marion Technical College
Internship Location: Kindred Nrsg & Rehab-Community, Marion, OH

My favorite thing about this clinical was the diversity in clients. I feel like I was exposed to many different diagnoses and was able to learn a lot.

- Elizabeth Rowe, PTA student, Hocking College
Internship Location: Southern Ohio Med Ctr-OP, Portsmouth, OH

My favorite thing was splitting my time between land and aquatics.

- Madison Boggess, PT student, West Virginia University
Internship Location: Fairmont General Hospital, Fairmont, WV