Susan EvansMany of my fondest memories involve great challenges I’ve encountered in clinical settings as a Clinical Instructor. My students always kept me on my toes with their detailed questions about difficult patient scenarios. They benefitted from my expertise as a seasoned clinician, while I learned from their new approaches and innovations. The bottom line is, all this greatly helped the patients we both served. I thought my instructor days had come and gone – until the Student Welcome Call. The Student Welcome Call is one of the ways that RehabCare provides resources to students all around the country, assisting them in providing exceptional care to our patients in all settings.

Thanks to Kindred/RehabCare’s association with policy makers, we‘re leading the way in changing rules and regulations for our geriatric population. We’re a company led by clinicians whose primary responsibility is to listen to field staff and students alike, and to provide them with the tools and resources necessary to provide the best care for our patients.

One of our best tools is the online site we use to display those valuable resources, known as KNECT. Clinicians and students alike can access anything, from policies and procedures, to clinical practice guidelines or other clinical resources. Additionally, all staff are able to access distance learning and recorded seminars, web-based training opportunities that contain CEU opportunities, and discipline-specific and cross-discipline offerings. There are recorded seminars on issues regarding differential diagnoses and systems management for users of SMART, FTS, POC and other billing and documentation platforms. It’s a tremendous resource.

We always ask questions and recognize the expertise within our facilities with Clinical Mentors. Our staff members, like our eager students, specialize in keeping abreast of the latest technology and care management to be the best in the industry. We provide opportunities for growth within the departments, as well as in the field of operations, and work together as a team to get any job done.

We recognize that there are times when stressful days or difficult patient behaviors challenge our outlook and demeanor, but we maintain our grace and decorum with the facility staff, family and patients. I always say, “Don’t burn any bridges with anyone in any facility because you might work with them again some day.” This rehab world is small enough to welcome you back to someone or someplace that’s challenged you.

Of all the resources we have, the greatest is each other. We work hard in developing special relationships with our rehab teams, facility staff, patients and their families – and we have fun doing it. Students are extensions of our family. We give whatever is required to make our students’ stay enjoyable, while helping them along their professional journey. Whether in person, through our web site or via a call, the interaction amongst clinicians and students is crucial. Ask questions, challenge our thinking and share the wonderful education our company has to offer you. The resources, education and great working relationships are endless.