Battling aging through boxing, tai chi and more…

RehabCare Student Programs and Marquette University have teamed up again to provide an educational opportunity for our rehab therapists in the Milwaukee area. The in-service, titled “Exercise Prescription for the Older Adult,” was developed by a select group of doctors of physical therapy students along with their instructor, Danielle Parker and presented onsite at Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – Milwaukee to more than 40 RehabCare team members.

Course objectives included applying physical stress theory to exercise prescription, aerobic exercise and balance, understanding the application to older adult exercise in strength training, and the FITT principle.

Understanding the most effective treatment exercises for common diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, pulmonary disease, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis as well as CVA and MS was also addressed. At this point, students demonstrated how to incorporate Tai Chi, boxing, lunges and pre-pilates into the prescription.

Some of the key take-aways revealed that group-based exercise decreased fall frequency, increased balance, and improved quality of life and patient satisfaction and adherence [Martin, 2013]. It was also conveyed that patients should be adequately challenged in exercise frequency, intensity, time, and type [FITT] for strength, aerobic and balance exercises.

Student Programs continues to give students the experience and knowledge that will be beneficial when they enter fieldwork. Check us out on to follow the semester’s progress and learn more about the students’ experiences! 

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