Interns Look Neuro-Development On January 22nd, Kindred Nursing and Rehab – Woodland in Elizabethtown, KY was host to an exciting Neuro-Development Treatment Training (NDT) event. The course was taught by Clinical Performance Specialist Vienna Lafrenz, OT/L, who provided RehabCare therapists with extensive on-site training for five hours. While the course was offered to our therapists, our very own Clinical Internship Student, Karen Hill, attended the training as well. Karen is an OTA who is enrolled in the OT Bridge Program at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.  She is currently completing one of her Level II fieldworks with RehabCare at the Kindred Nursing and Rehab – Woodland facility. I was fortunate to get a glimpse into Karen’s experience and perspective during our interview about the NDT Training.


What did you most enjoy about the NDT Training?   
The training was very hands-on and the instructor repeatedly answered questions and gave demonstrations – as many times as needed.

What does it mean to have a company provide you with these opportunities during your fieldwork?   
It’s a huge plus. Using fieldwork experience as continuing education while being in school helps me tremendously, financially and educationally. It allows me the benefit of additional training without the cost, which is huge when you are a student.

What did you learn that can be applied to your patient care?   
We’ve already implemented so many techniques from the training to our stroke patients. I don’t have one specific thing, but I loved implementing what we learned into our patient care. I also took the written materials with me and utilized them after my fieldwork experience was over.

Were you able to share the information from training with your instructor or class?   
Yes, I shared some of the new treatment techniques with my professors and students on our private Facebook page that was set up for me and my classmates. This provided a lot of information for discussion through our Blackboard portal as well. My classmates were excited to hear about the additional training, and it was great to be able to share with them.

How have you enjoyed your fieldwork experience with RehabCare?   
I began my clinical on January 6th, and it’s been wonderful so far. The team is extremely helpful and answers any questions I have. I enjoy the shared knowledge through all disciplines and the team’s willingness to help each discipline work together. As an OTA, I’ve worked in skilled nursing settings where the atmosphere is completely different [than Kindred Nursing and Rehab – Woodland]. Seeing the cohesiveness among the staff is very rewarding and brings so much value to everyone.

Karen finished her fieldwork experience at Kindred Nursing and Rehab – Woodland on March 28th and completed her second fieldwork at another RehabCare site, Christian Care of Louisville, in April. She is expected to graduate this August. We’re excited to be providing Karen with not one, but TWO fieldwork opportunities within our company and to be able to watch her progress through her education.