With the beginning of June already underway, the Student Programs team wanted to recap on the busy past few months! With April being National Occupational Therapy Month and May being Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM), there has been a lot of buzz from our clinical internship students as they help celebrate and recognize their professions!

First, let’s talk about OT Month! As an OT or OTA, YOU are an extremely vital part of the patient healthcare spectrum. YOU are the driving force that focuses on helping individuals throughout their lifetime. YOU allow individuals to take part in the daily activities they need and desire. What an incredible role you play, whether it is with children or adults, of any and all ages!

We wanted to take this opportunity to share this quote from the AOTA website which we believe sums up the profession to the best of its ability: “Your holistic and customized approach to evaluations, interventions and outcomes help a child with disabilities participate in school and in social situations, assist a person recovering from injuries to regain skills, aid an older adult to stay as independent as possible, and offer the specialized support and services to people of all ages and in all circumstances that only occupational therapy can provide.”

Again, what an incredible opportunity to help others in EVERY stage of life…thank YOU to those in or pursuing a career as an OT/OTA for your dedication and desire to help change others lives for the better. Occupational Therapy Month began in 1980 and will continue to be celebrated for the years to come. However, a career in Occupational Therapy can be, and rightfully so should be, celebrated all year! To continue the celebration of the OT centennial, please go to www.OTcentennial.org

As mentioned above, the therapy world has had a busy past couple of months! With May under wraps, Better Hearing and Speech Month has come to a close. For 2017, the theme was “Communication: The Key to Connection”, and the key to connection speech and hearing is! Each year, the aim of the month of May is to help raise awareness about hearing and speech problems, as well as to encourage people to analyze their own speech and hearing abilities. Like OTs, SLPs (and AUDs) also play a vital role in holistic patient healthcare. Again, like OT, the profession of speech language pathology is driven by an individual’s desire to help others through different life events. As stated on the ASHA website: “SLPs in various settings work collaboratively with other school or health care professional to make sound decisions for the benefit of individuals with communication and swallowing disorders.”

THANK YOU, SLPs for your devotedness and drive to serve others. Like the Better Speech and Hearing Month 2017 theme says, communication is the key to connection in today’s world and YOU are helping drive this effort. Better Hearing and Speech Month was founded in 1927 and is celebrated every May. Although next May is 330 days away, we can celebrate the profession year round. For more information and to access ASHA’s Better Hearing and Speech Months’ resources, please visit http://www.asha.org/bhsm/

And that’s a wrap on OT and BHSM month by the Student Programs Team! If you have comments, suggestions or want to share with us how YOU specifically celebrated these months, please don’t hesitate to reach out… we want to hear from you!

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