Carey Anderson, Kindred RehabCare OT/L is a Program Director at Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – The Greens in Lyndhurst, OH. Carey works closely with Remington College in Cleveland and assists in placing students in Kindred/RehabCare Cleveland facilities for their clinical internships! This past week, an instructor from Remington College reached out to Carey and shared some very kind words from students in the PTA program who have completed clinical internships in Kindred facilities.


 “Every Kindred/RehabCare facility I have been to had such nice staff. Mine was the same way and I would take a job for them in a heartbeat because of their values as a company and the teamwork they portray”

“I would definitely look for a job at a Kindred SNF facility, since I had such a great learning experience there. The faculty in all of the therapy departments were great and so was my CI…”

It is always a joy to hear about a student’s clinical experience within Kindred/RehabCare. We love to hear feedback from colleges as well as student and appreciate those who take the time to share it with us.

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