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    January 19, 2015
    By Susan Evans, PT, RehabCare Clinical Performance Specialist

    Susan EvansMany of my fondest memories involve great challenges I’ve encountered in clinical settings as a Clinical Instructor. My students always kept me on my toes with their detailed questions about difficult patient scenarios. They benefitted from my expertise as a seasoned clinician, while I learned from their new approaches and innovations. The bottom line is, all this greatly helped the patients we both served. I thought my instructor days had come and gone – until the Student Welcome Call. The Student Welcome Call is one of the ways that RehabCare provides resources to students all around the country, assisting them in providing exceptional care to our patients in all settings.

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    Quotes of the Week

    January 01, 2015
    By RehabCare

    RehabCare QOTW 8.19.15

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