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    At Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services and RehabCare, we are dedicated to connecting the brightest emerging talent with a promising career. We encourage and welcome new grad clinicians to join our team and take advantage of opportunities that have been specifically selected for new grads. These opportunities provide a customized approach to mentorship and supervision to support each new grad professional to reach the best possible outcomes for their patients….and themselves! Join us and you will work with an interdisciplinary team to deliver high-quality treatment implementing industry leading, proven clinical programs. Our ongoing clinical education and training is unsurpassed in the industry, and our network of care spans the entire rehab continuum of care in 47 states across more than 2,000 locations. The opportunities are limitless!

    The Kindred Rehab Students team is fully dedicated to supporting students and schools through our many programs. Our blog highlights the journeys of our therapy students, the events that we host and attend in support of our students and career pointers for new clinicians.

    Our team for students is here to support new graduates, and we’re fortunate to have some of the best talent in the business working with therapy students across the country. Here are the members of our Student Programs team:

    Lauren Brody

    Student Programs Manager

    LinkedIn ConnectLMBrody@kindred.com • 314.659.2521

    Barbara Wallace

    Director of Student Programs

    LinkedIn ConnectBarbara.Wallace@kindred.com • 502.596.6278

    Contact us for information on any of our Student Programs!