Social Networking – Just Be Smart About It


October 17, 2007

  • A Day In The Life
  • These
    days you can’t turn on the TV or read an article online without running across
    a story on the new uses of social-networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.
    Employers are now getting savvy in the social-networking arena and are using
    these sites to gather information on potential candidates that they could not
    get from the conventional resume or face-to-face interview.  This topic
    was being discussed as early as 2005, when Jessica Mintz wrote an article, Social-Networking
    Sites Catch the Eye of Employers
    , on Wall Street Journal Online.  A
    candidate can put all their efforts into creating an impressive resume and
    putting up a professional appearance at an interview, but if they have
    information out on the web about their weekend keg parties and shenanigans,
    employers might see that and cross them off their list. 

    "Someone will come in [for an in-person interview],
    be all buttoned-up and seem very proper, but you know you just saw their
    profile, and on it, their friends were talking about how they were wild and
    crazy and party seven nights a week," she says. For Ms. Prieto, that’s
    fine. "I want to know what your real personality is like," she says.
    However, bad grammar or typos, even on candidates’ friends’ pages, give her
    second thoughts."

    in 2007 with more and more talk about the harm of social-networks, students are
    becoming more conscience of what they post on sites like Facebook and
    MySpace.  If you are a student who uses one of the social-networks you
    should tune into the season premier of Minnesota Public Radio "In The Loop
    Show".  The show is mentioned on and in entitled
    "Your Exposed Life".

    show airs this Sunday at 6pm CT on MPR. If these issues are of concern to you,
    and they should be to everyone, then you should listen. You’ll be entertained
    and learn a lot. For those outside of the MPR
    listening area, listen on-line. If you want to see the studio audience, guests,
    host, head over to Flickr.”
    ( )

    into the show, it is bound to have some useful information on how to protect
    your personal information out there on the web. How do you feel about
    employers being able to do “background’ checks on you through your social-network? Do you think it is fair? Does it make you
    want to not use those sites?

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