RehabCare Blog Chosen As One Of The Top 50 OT blogs


July 15, 2010

  • A Day In The Life
  • Check out this blog article from the Career Moxie that showcases the 50 best occupational therapy blogs on the web. Look closely at the “Academic, Professional, and Career” section and second in that section (#38 overall) is our blog! A special thanks to Mandy for picking our blog to appear on the list. It’s great to get a little bit of recognition every now and then. In addition to the RehabCare Blog there are many other useful blogs that you may want to check out. Here are some highlights from the list and blogs we like!

    Kara’s OT Blog: Get a good perspective on life and occupational therapy with insights from this therapist.

    Gosh, that’s neat!: An enthusiastic look at occupational therapy, and helping others.

    WiiHab: An interesting look at using the Nintendo Wii as a tool in occupational and rehabilitative therapy.

    TodayinOT: Learn about what is happening in occupational therapy, following headlines, and getting specific information about areas of interest and specialty.

    ADVANCE Outlook: OT: Get the latest from the field of occupational therapy, and learn about issues in the field. An interesting and news-based approach.

    TechnOT: Learn about using technology for occupational therapy, from this college teacher who knows about the subject.

    StrokeSurvivorBlog: Learn, first hand, about how a stroke can affect lives, and what goes into therapy.

    Be sure to check out some of these blogs we like, and don’t forget our personal favorite on the list: The RehabCare BlogSpot. Do you know of other useful blogs? Be sure to comment and let us know. Want to stay in touch with RehabCare? Why not click the link to the left and subscribe to our RSS feed or Fan us on Facebook so that you instantly receive all of the latest news!

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