Physical Therapy is More Than Just Outpatient


March 07, 2012

  • A Day In The Life
  • Upon entering school for Physical Therapy, in my head I was determined to go in to the Outpatient Orthopedic setting. However, I knew I was supposed to experience multiple settings in which Physical Therapists practice. My first clinical, in inpatient acute at a hospital inChicago,Illinois, was an amazing experience that may have deterred my determination that the only choice in therapy was outpatient. In the hospital I got to work with the geriatric population with a wide array of conditions. It was an exciting experience, always kept me on my toes, and challenged my knowledge. I learned a lot, the most important thing being that Physical Therapy is a multifaceted career in which you have many opportunities to use your knowledge and skills to benefit the lives of others in amazing ways. As a student, I wish someone had told me that Physical Therapy is more than just “outpatient.” Since no one told me though, I want to do my best to spread the word. Further, I want students to realize that though there is a lot of hard work, after having a  taste of life in the clinic, it is all worth it!

     By Lauren Croal, RehabCare/Marquette University Student Ambassador

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