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November 05, 2012

  • A Day In The Life
  • I got the opportunity to attend the Oklahoma occupational therapy association annual conference this week. It was a great opportunity to get together with all of the OTs from around the state and speak with them about their experiences.

    At the conference, I sat in on an open forum group over productive aging. The group consisted of OTs and OTAs, who had worked in the field anywhere from 6 months to thirty years. One of the topics discussed was how to motivate patients who no longer want to participate in therapy. I was able to gather ideas from the practicing clinicians. Some of their ideas included outings, participating in games with other clients, and support groups. The overall theme that I gathered from the group is to engage the client in occupations that are meaningful and purposeful and promote participation. This is a theme I have heard multiple times in my education, but it is so refreshing to see that it is also working and being utilized in the clinic. This was a great experience to meet and learn from clinicians, and I highly recommend all students to get involved in their professional organizations.

    On another note, I have one week until I start my fieldwork experience. I was able to talk with my fieldwork advisor this week, and I’m more excited than ever to start working with patients! I’ll let you all know how my experience is going in my next blog! Peace, Love, OT!

    Holly H.

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