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December 06, 2012

  • A Day In The Life
  • Happy Fall!!! I’ve just finished my 5-week fall semester and taken what I hope are my last final exams!! This past semester consisted of Complex Medical Problems, where we learned about wound care and lymphedema management (among other topics), Movement Science II where we discussed running and throwing injuries and had a choice of three different “break-out sessions” (I opted for the vestibular rehab section) and Community Assessment & Planning where (along with my teammates) we developed a program to combat the obesity epidemic and sedentary life-style among today’s adolescents.

    This semester also saw the completion of my first written case report! My patient was referred to therapy status-post rotator cuff repair, but did not receive insurance approval for therapy until her 57th day post-op. My case report deals with remediating the additional impairments associated with adhesive capsulitis from long-term post-operative immobility. At this point, I am debating whether or not to try to publish…

    Next week begins the first of 2 consecutive clinical rotations. On Monday I will begin 10 weeks at Hillcrest South (acute care hospital) in Tulsa, OK. I am excited to begin this next phase of my hands-on learning.

    For the past four weeks, I have been on a clinical rotation at Hillcrest South Hospital in Tulsa, OK. I’ve been able to work with orthopedic, general medical, and cardiac patients – as well as patients in the intensive care unit and even premature babies in the special care nursery. It’s nice to have the classroom part of school basically completed. I am in the process of preparing an in-service for the therapy staff at my clinical site, but other than that – I just go to “work” and come home. It’s really been an uneventful month!

    Until next month, stay warm and stay safe! Nora

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