10 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out


December 03, 2013

  • A Day In The Life
  • We recently conducted a Professional Development Workshop at St. Louis University for their Occupational Therapy Students. It was a great day filled with formal presentations as well as small group break-out sessions where we held more informal discussions to prepare the upcoming graduates for their job search. I was so excited to run across this article from Advance for Occupational Therapy. Although our workshop was geared towards the new graduate job search, and this article includes suggestions for experienced therapists, I felt like it is worthwhile to share. Many of the 10 Tips were discussed during the workshop however there are a few points that we did not have time to touch on, such as a resume versus a CV.Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out web 10 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

    One of the best tips that we can offer is to NETWORK! Network with your friends, your instructors, your classmates, your fieldwork sites, your classmates fieldwork sites – the networking opportunities are limitless. Oh, and don’t forget about the people you meet at the Professional Association conferences. A great way to stay connected to all of these contacts is through http://www.Twitter.com. Not a part of Twitter yet? Join and stay connected with RehabCare! @RHBStudents.


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